Top SEO trends that are likely to gain momentum in the year 2018

seo trends 2018

As we have almost reached towards the end of the year 2017, it is the best time for you to start thinking about the top SEO trends that will be prominent in the next year. The businesses should keep a close eye on the latest SEO trends to stay ahead of the curve. With more than two hundred factors in the algorithm of Google, the SEO is quite a complicated science and it is ever changing in nature. The search engine strives for the improvement of the quality of search results. So let’s check out some of the most prominent SEO trends that are likely to gain momentum in the year 2018.

Voice search

This technology of the voice search provides a big opportunity for transforming the way businesses communicate and process information. Through the upliftment in the digital assistants, there is a complete change in the manner in which search queries are performed. As per the Google report, one out of the five queries is already coming from the voice queries.

Link Building

Link building will be stronger next year and it will be much more crucial than ever before for the creation of the strategy that is seeking the quality links. There is also a requirement to target the new links which will enable you to develop an authority in the target niche. This doesn’t mean that always the best kind of the backlinks are coming from the most popular websites but it is quite important to look out for the coverage from the websites which are relevant to the concerned industry.

Voice Search-a real deal

Are you sceptical about the voice search? In the year 2018, the ratio of the voice searches is going to get faster than ever before. Voice searches actually call for the search of the whole new keyword and utilize the normal conversational sentences and not the query bingo which sounds quite odd.

Mobile responsive sites

In case you have not gone for the mobile optimized website, this year there is a chance that you will go for the mobile responsive website for your business. The Google Company is more likely to switch to the mobile0first indexing by the early quarter of the next year. The page speed as well as the site load speed will quite be the critical ranking factors in the coming times.

More SERP features displayed

The SERP feature is anything which is there on the result page and it is actually including more than the usual SEO title, URL and the description. The volume of the rich snippets has already gone tripled over the last three years. Around 87 percent of the SERPs are having some kind of the rich answers which are displayed. Such results will be getting more clicks in comparison to the regular organic results.

Improved page relevance

The Google Company will continue its quest to impart the best in class web browsing experience to the users. Apart from providing the websites which are safe, Google searches for the websites will be matching with the user’s search intent in the best way. So how you will be able to make your content relevant and comprehensive next year? You will be able to research the content of the top sites of your industry and then you can look forward to the commonalities among all of them. This can take quite some time but for speeding up the process, just utilize some of the free trials versions which are available with the various website auditors.

It is essential to keep abreast with the latest SEO trends to find out how your business can maintain a highly successful SEO strategy next year

Since SEO is an ever changing technique, in the year 2018 the Google Company will continue to improve the web browsing experience of the users through the scanning of the relevancy of content, utilizing personalised search engine results, fastening page speeds and also include some of the additional result page features. So it seems that the coming year would be much more interesting with regard to the rise of the featured snippets, voice searches, local SEO etc which will be yielding better results in comparison to the organic ranking. This is the reason why it is essential to keep abreast with the latest SEO trends and to find out how your business can maintain a highly successful SEO strategy for the upcoming year to stay ahead of the competitors.